Download the windows installer GenX-2.X.X-win.exe from the home page and follow the instructions in the installation guide.

Mac OS-X

Download the disk image GenX-2.X.X-osx.dmg, open it and drag the GenX app to the application folder.

From source

Download the source distribution and unzip it. Run the file directly with the command python


The needed dependencies are:

  • Python newer than 2.3.5
  • wxPython version > 3.0
  • Numpy version > 1.0
  • Scipy version > 0.5
  • Matplotlib version > 0.9
  • appdirs version > 1.2
  • h5py

The non-mandotary packages are

  • mpi4py (with an MPI installation)

On a Linux system these packages can usually be installed through the package manager. On a windows system the python (x,y) distribution contains all packages except appdirs which can be installed from the python package index. On OS-X all the package has to be installed separately.