How to package GenX

  1. Update README.txt
  2. Tag a release into the tags folder.
  3. Change the content in the file


  1. cd models/lib; rm *.cpp; rm *.so; rm *.pyd; python; cd ../..
  2. cd dist; rm -R *; cd ..
  3. run python py2app
  4. cd mac_build; mv ../dist/ .
  5. appdmg appdmg.json GenX-2.X.X-OSX.dmg

Win 7/Win 8

  1. copy the tagged version to desktop
  2. Go to vX.Y.Z/models/lib; del *.so; del *.cpp; del *.pyc
  3. python
  4. Go to vX.Y.Z
  5. python -m compileall .
  6. python py2exe
  7. Open vX.Y.Z/windows_build/genx.iss with Inno Script Studio change AppVerName
  8. In Inno Script Studio press Ctrl+F9 to compile script.


  1. Copy the current release and rename the folder to genx
  2. Zip it.
  3. Rename the archive to


  1. Remove AppData/MattsBjorck on Win7 & Win8
  2. Install GenX on the machines
  3. Run the examples


  1. Create a folder GenX2.X.X on sourceforge
  2. Upload the files GenX-2.X.X-OSX.dmg, GenX-2.X.X-win.exe and to the folder.
  3. Set the default downlodd for each file.
  4. Update the homepage by editing download_box.html (changing link and header)
  5. run websync to update the server.